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- Unleashing Artistic Beauty with Every Brushstroke -



Natalie Ho, a visual artist rooted in both Toronto and Hong Kong, weaves her unique artistic voice from diverse experiences in scenic art, dance, and visual expression. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2020, she honed her skills through internships at esteemed institutions like the Royal Opera House and National Theatre in the UK.

Her art, focusing on symbolism, draws from daily life and personal introspection, with a particular emphasis on depicting women challenging societal norms. Natalie's vibrant and intricate pieces celebrate self-expression and advocate for individuality, reflecting the kaleidoscope of human experiences.

As an Asian female artist, she recognizes art's power for social commentary and empowerment, challenging norms and celebrating uniqueness. Her recent series, "HOME。KONG," explores cultural identity and belonging, inviting viewers to ponder themes of heritage and diaspora through vibrant colors and intricate details.

In her upcoming series, Natalie delves into interconnectedness, inspired by love languages and the Buddhist concept of "緣" (a predestined affinity). Through her art, she aims to portray the profound connections we share with others, further enriching her exploration of identity and belonging.

Education and Award


Bachelor of Fine Arts , Scenic Art ,The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts,Hong Kong

-Awarded the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree In Theatre and Entertainment Arts with First Class Honours.



The Society of APA Local Scholarships and The Jacky Cheung Scholarships,Hong Kong

HKSAR Gov't Scholarship Fund-Reaching Out Award and HKAPA Design Faculty

Internship Funding,Hong Kong 








Toronto Outdoor Art Fair,Toronto, ON,CA

​​Annual Juried Exhibition,Latcham Art Centre,Stouffville, ON,CA

Empowering Faces,Clark Centre for the Arts,Next Generation Arts,Toronto,CA 

New Vistas : Next Steps exhibition,Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery,Etobicoke,CA

We are resilient 2023 Juried Exhibition,Storefront Gallery,Art Etobicoke,Etobicoke,ON,CA

IMPACT 2023 Juried Exhibition,Neilson Park Creative Centre,Etobicoke,ON,CA

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